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At this point, Heliodor may have gotten used to finding notes from Styles in the cabin heralding brief or prolonged absences, but this one somehow seems more significant. In brief, Styles states that he has gone into the care of the Baker for some time.

"I do not know when I will return," he writes, "but when I do, be assured that I will be far better at piemaking than I was upon my departure. If any of you have graduated from this place by the time I return, I shall be sure to get in touch by candle.

Be careful - but not overcautious. Whatever the next realm is, I am certain it could use our idiosyncratic and perhaps antisocial brand of heroism. If anyone asks after me, inform them that I am well, but perhaps overfed.

David Styles (Aether) of Heliodor"
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Some time before the trauma game (we can retcon that?) Styles vanished, leaving only this note:

"Good evening, Heliodor,

I am safe and well in the Cheshire Cat's care (or what passes for care). The puzzle that Three gave me to solve in order to restrain my mania proved too difficult today, and I began to act out in an embarrassing manner (not in any particularly dangerous way (unless you include the threat to my pride (which ought to be accustomed to this by now, frankly))).

I would rather not explain the details, but in time I found myself attempting to explain the mathematical logic of Through the Looking Glass (we have a museum about the Alice books in Oxford (Lewis Carroll lived there, you see)) to the Cheshire Cat. I am not sure how impressed said cat was (probably not terribly (though who can tell)), but I was offered an invitation to his realm, which I accepted (because it is probably safer when I am in this state (i.e. the state of mania)).

I will see you all again in a little while, I hope. Be safe.

David Styles"
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Skill: Neurobiology, Level 1/2
Source: Mulan's game, Day 301

This level of neurobiology knowledge reflects everything Styles learned about neurobiology and the relevant sciences as an undergraduate and early in his graduate career! This includes not only a great deal of biology, but also a good grounding in physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

It does not include the skills needed to run a practical neuro experiment, perform recovery therapy, or interpret an fMRI accurately. Nor does it include advanced, detailed knowledge. But if it seems reasonable for a high-achieving neuro/bio undergrad or second-year grad student to know it, Styles is likely to. I originally planned to let this skill have 3 tiers, but I think two is plenty.
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Well, I've never had one of these for Styles, so why not?


* Post any questions you have about Styles or his relationships with other characters, and I'll reply and ask a question back, or...

* Share the impressions your characters have gotten of Styles, and I'll tell you Styles's impressions of them!
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Before heading off with Old Joe, Styles had a chance to leave a note for Heliodor:

"I've been offered a chance to take some time to recover while discussing matters of knowledge and philosophy with Old Joe. He seems a calming presence and one worth knowing, so I have accepted the offer. I shall return soon.

David Styles"

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Jun. 9th, 2013 11:54 am
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How's my driving? Any comments or suggestions on how I'm playing David?

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